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Author Topic: Read this before you buy any expensiveO2sensor, MAP sensor.  (Read 8901 times)
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« on: December 02, 2012, 02:49:49 AM »

Most car memory whit the cpu are adapting self learning if you reset them.

1:Disconnect the neg and pos on batteri, the neg first, this is important step beacause itīs clear the learned memory. Leav it of for about at least an hour.

2:During the last 30 minuts of that cycle turn your key to the on position and leav it so for the entire 30 min. This open up all of the circuits in the memory.

3:after this 30 min whit the key in on pos step on the brake pedal for 5 sec this send remaing electric current ot of the battery cables.

Now your car memory has been completly reset, There are now no previous setting for Oxysensor or (here in Europe Lamdasensor) to revert back to when it senses the extra oxygen from HHO gas. Now turn the key of and remove the key.

4: Step 1-3 clear the learned memory. Step 4-5 are used to reprogram. Hook upp your batt cabels.

5: No immediately go for a 30 min drive, whit your cell on! preferably highway, This is a very important step for the reprograming Like i say Adapting.
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« Reply #1 on: February 22, 2014, 03:23:50 PM »

sounds good ! i have researched for months in order to have a good understanding of the hho instalation prior to doing it  and have seen many good things but your sugestion seems to bypass the need for sencor bypass, does this prosess eliminate the need for  map and o2 sencor  bypass completely when installing hho unit would save cash for sure. would like to try this , could you please give a little more info    cheers
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